Four Ponds Update
Four Ponds Center Associates vs. Township of Middletown Planning Board - Update

Since last year, the Applicant, Four Ponds, filed an Appeal of the Township Planning Board original 9-0 decision to reject their application.

As a continuation of the vigorous objection to the original proposal, Jeffrey Blumengold and Abe Littenberg, both LVGA Members and Board Directors, were named as Intervenors in the Appeal and were represented by Ron Gasiorowski, Esq.

The Appeal led to an agreement entered into between the Township and the Applicant, which was approved by the Judge overseeing the Appeal, to reduce the number of units down from the proposed 342 to a maximum of 228 units. Moreover, it was also agreed that the proposed three-story buildings be reduced to just two stories. In addition, the Applicant decided, in entering into this agreement, to also remove the proposed 72 rental flats from the original Plan submitted.

The Applicant and a potential Developer have since formally submitted revised Plans to the Middletown Township Planning Board for consideration on November 12, 2014. These plans will be posted on our website. Members of the LVGA, as well as the greater Middletown Community, will have the right to review these plans and express their support or concerns once again to the Planning Board.

We will inform our members of meeting dates as soon as they are scheduled with the Planning Board. If you would like to be contacted with this information, please forward your email address to us at, or visit our website,