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Lincroft Village Green Park

In 1999 Brookdale Community College planned to try to sell a piece of its property to raise funds to build a Student Life Center on campus.  The property in question was isolated from Brookdale’s boundaries by the realignment of Phalanx Road and borders CR520, Phalanx Road and Old Phalanx Road, next to the BP Station.  The late George Toop, whose property adjoined Brookdale, became aware of the potential land sale and informed his neighbors along Phalanx Road. A group of concerned residents soon began collecting signatures on a petition to stop the sale of the deed restricted property, which was in a commercial development zone. After about 2 weeks of collecting signatures, the group presented the petition to the Middletown Township Committee. On June 21, 1999, the Middletown Township Committe passed a resolution opposing the sale of the Brookdale property. Representatives from the Township Committee met with the trustees of Brookdale, as well as county and state representatives. Consequently, Brookdale decided not to sell the property, as outlined in a letter of July 6, 1999, by Mayor O’Grady to residents of Lincroft.

The Middletown Township Committee continued its dialogue with Brookdale Community College and a land swap between Middletown and Brookdale was negotiated. In the land swap, Middletown acquired the six acre parcel, which is now preserved and under development for passive recreation, and Brookdale received a small amount of township park land that adjoins the Brookdale campus. Brookdale has since used the land that it obtained in the land swap to alter the path of its main road through the campus.

The six acre parcel of land is now known as the Lincroft Village Green. It has a beautiful walking path, picnic tables, park benches, bocce court, and Little Free Library.  Parking is available on Old Phalanx Road.